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About Coaching

CoupleTalk Coaching is a way to really lock in the skills and get good at resolving issues. CoupleTalk Coaching is done by either phone or virtual sessions.  Couples meet regularly with a CoupleTalk Coach who guides them in practicing and mastering the skills, and to resolve real issues they are experiencing.

Learning these communication and conflict resolution skills takes time – and practice. You can schedule appointments for further practice in using the skills, and to resolve actual issues, with guidance from a trained, supportive CoupleTalk Coach. CoupleTalk Coaches are not therapists and do not offer therapy or counseling. They offer experienced guidance in using the skills in your relationship and the cost is very reasonable. Talk to your CoupleTalk Host, call 866-CoupleTalk, or…
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Take what you learn during CoupleTalk video sessions into your everyday life! CoupleTalk Coaching helps you practice the CoupleTalk skills together with a coach, from the convenience of your own home. You’ll be matched with a trained, supportive CoupleTalk Coach who listens in by phone or virtually, guiding you and your partner as you discuss the topics you choose.

  • 30-minute sessions are quick, simple, and convenient.
  • You choose the topics to discuss. Work through real issues in your relationship!
  • Confidential – your topics stay private.
  • Several pricing packages available.

IMPORTANT NOTE: CoupleTalk Coaching is not therapy or counseling. CoupleTalk Coaches provide guidance in using the CoupleTalk skills only.

“… I was skeptical at first, but CoupleTalk Coaching helped us work through real issues in our marriage.”

“CoupleTalk Coaching was the life preserver that God used to save our sinking relationship.”

You may choose coaching by phone (using a speaker phone) or virtually (using popular webcam software). Use the “CONTACT” tool to get started. A CoupleTalk Coach will contact you by phone or email to discuss pricing options and to schedule your first Coaching session.

Request a Coach

If you are currently attending a CoupleTalk class, going through CoupleTalk on your own, or have recently completed CoupleTalk, you may request a CoupleTalk Coach. Use the “CONTACT” tool to get started. Your CoupleTalk Coach will contact you by phone or email to discuss pricing options and to schedule your first Coaching session.


Become a Coach

Due to a large demand for CoupleTalk Coaching, we are constantly recruiting individuals who (1) have a heart for helping couples, (2) have completed CoupleTalk, and (3) are willing to complete CoupleTalk Coach training. Coaches receive a modest stipend per coaching call. A short application process is required of all potential coaches, and applying does not guarantee acceptance into the program.