CoupleTalk | Cracking the Code to an Amazing Relationship!

orange-frameNew interactive video workshop for couples

orange-frameCommunication and Conflict Resolution skills

orange-frameAvailable on DVDs or by online streaming

orange-frameFor a couple at home, for use in couples counseling, or for group classes of any size

Introducing Our Instant Online Program!

Couples at Home:

Couples learn healthy, research-proven communication and conflict resolution skills in the comfort of their own home! The sessions are fun, interactive, and include lots of practice time together. This is not a boring, “talking heads” video training. Each session has teaching of a skill, a demonstration of an exercise, then practice time for you and your partner. You will build new skills and healthy habits, and get closer to each other in the process! Win-win!


Counselors / Pastors:

Make the most of your time in session with clients by providing these powerful couple communication and conflict resolution skills for them to do between sessions. As they learn these skills, their sessions will become more respectful and productive, and you’ll spend less time “refereeing” and more time helping. And the progress dashboard lets you know where your clients are at in the program (or if they’re stuck), and includes a coaching tracker for dates and notes.


Group Leaders:

Bring these research-proven skills to your group! Whether it’s a small group in a home, or 100 couples at a weekend retreat, you can host a relationship-changing experience for the couples in your group. Your role as host is simply to start and stop the group. All the teaching is on the video, and there is a Host Guide with session by session ideas and helps, promotional materials, customizable certificates of completion, and more. All you need is a heart to help couples!


After 15 years of marriage, we were fighting a lot. CoupleTalk taught us a new way to talk. Our kids have even noticed the difference in us.


We had over 50 couples attend CoupleTalk LIVE!. They really enjoyed it, but it also stretched them. They felt like they had been through something really important for their relationship. You’d be doing your families and couples and church a favor by bringing it into your community. It will create awesome marriages!

Gene Maynard

Senior Pastor

Couple Talk comes alive and is beautifully modeled by Don & Alex. The video lectures are engaging, the workbook is practical and skills-based, and the package is very relevant and yet simple to use. I highly recommend it!

David H. Olson, Ph.D.

Founder of PREPARE-ENRICH & Couple Checkup

I love how different all the couples on the video are. I could really relate with a few of them. It was neat to see and experience CoupleTalk with the video couples.