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Host a Class

Hosting a CoupleTalk class is easy! There is no extra training required to host a program – just an open living room or classroom and an open heart for couples.  And knowing how to work a DVD player.

Hosting a CoupleTalk class is a great way to support couples at your church, home fellowship or small group.

Here are a few things to know about being a CoupleTalk Host:
  • No training necessary: Your role as a CoupleTalk Host is to invite couples, encourage them, and participate in the program yourselves. The CoupleTalk Host Guide is an easy-access resource to give you information about what’s in each session and how to handle situations that may arise during or after the sessions. No need to be an expert! All you need is a heart to host this program; all teaching is done on video.
  • Press PLAY and Follow Our Lead: every session combines teaching, personal reflection and couple exercises. During activities, an on-screen timer appears freeing you from the hassle of pausing and restarting the video. Just press PLAY and let it go to the end without stopping.

Hosting Tips

Ideas for hosting a CoupleTalk program are available here to help the novice and veteran host, and everyone in between. Don’t let worry or stress keep you from positively impacting the relationships of couples. Our CoupleTalk tips will help you host like a pro.

There are many ways to Host a CoupleTalk class!
  • Start small with your friends. A great way to begin as a CoupleTalk Host is to invite your friends to do the program with you in your home. Perhaps you already meet regularly with a home fellowship group – this type of group (if it is made up of couples) is a great format for CoupleTalk. The home should have enough space for couples to spread out a little during practice times, and it’s nice if there’s a larger screen TV (or computer monitor) on which to view the video.
  • Host a CoupleTalk class at your church.  It could be as one of your church’s evening or weekly offerings of programs. CoupleTalk fits church programming for marriage ministry or couples ministry or couple communication programs. You can show it to a few couples, dozens of people – or even hundreds of couples at your church!
  • Use the program on Sunday mornings. CoupleTalk may be used in couple-oriented Sunday School or other fellowship groups at church.
  • Use CoupleTalk in a marriage ministry at your church. Often a church will hold a CoupleTalk class, and these original participants become couples with changed marriages that want to help other couples. These motivated couples can host their own classes, or be in-class coaches. Either way, the result is stronger marriages in the church, and the foundation for a growing marriage ministry.

Host Resources

CoupleTalk Hosts will find all the help they need in the CoupleTalk Host Guide, (DVD included) which explains how to start a program and what to do in each session.

CoupleTalk provides a full array of helpful items for CoupleTalk Hosts, including the following:
  • CoupleTalk Host Guide: Brief guide with DVD includes tips, schedules, and FAQs for each session. The DVD offers session-by-session guidance from Don and Alex.
  • Free downloads: CoupleTalk provides free downloads of helpful hosting materials, such as promotional flyers and cards (on which you can input your program information), certificates of completion for participant couples (on which you can input their names and your program information).

Download the certificates here:

Promotional Resources

The following PDF files are free downloads for promoting your CoupleTalk series. They contain editable text. Select the size you want and then enter your class info.

Note for 1/2 page inserts – This file has been designed to print on standard letter-sized paper so that each 5.5″ x 8.5″ insert will have 1/4″ borders when finished. To ensure even borders, please print as landscape, at 100% (actual size), and then cut each page in half.

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